Meaning of windgall in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwɪndɡɔːl/


  • A small painless swelling just above the fetlock of a horse, caused by inflammation of the tendon sheath.

    ‘The Native breeds seem to cope better than the more finely bred types, where windgalls may appear.’
    • ‘Although usually benign, windgalls should be regarded with suspicion in the presence of lameness.’
    • ‘In general windgalls are more common in heavy horses with more upright conformation.’
    • ‘The extracts provided for problems of the windgall and fetlock are mixed to make up 200 ml of an oil based treatment.’
    • ‘Many horses have windgalls and they are not usually considered a problem, but it does sound as if your horse's windgall is abnormally swollen.’