Meaning of winding engine in English:

winding engine


  • A powered winch or similar machine used for hauling or hoisting heavy loads.

    ‘Cages are normally suspended on a steel winding rope, attached to the drum of the winding engine via a pulley on the headgear.’
    • ‘For calculation of brakes for winding engines you can use the coefficient of friction = 0,4 as minimum.’
    • ‘They remained in service until they were replaced by an electric winding engine in September 1964.’
    • ‘To the right is the winding engine house, and in the foreground the footings of the pumping engine house.’
    • ‘Previous to that water they used for the steam winding engines was obtained from reservoirs made at the colliery.’
    • ‘He first built the stationary winding engines for the Brusselton and Etherley inclines.’
    • ‘The structure is roofless, but otherwise almost intact and contains housing for a winding engine and winding gear.’
    • ‘It is believed to be the only steam winding engine that is in use and powered by steam, in the UK at the moment.’
    • ‘Amongst the exhibits housed in the Engine House is the largest steam winding engine ever used in the Lancashire Coalfield.’
    • ‘The remains of the winding engine house at Sheep Pasture are still extant and much of the former railway is now the ‘High Peak Trail’ footpath.’
    • ‘You can now visit the restored Winding House and discover the story of Elliot Colliery, the local coal industry and experience the massive winding engine in action.’
    • ‘We had a good look at the winding engines for the cables.’
    • ‘In close proximity is Levant Mine, where a working example of one of the famous Hayle winding engines has survived.’
    • ‘The rest of the line was hauled by cables using steam driven static winding engines at the Winding Pond in Clowes Wood and the Halt on Tyler Hill Road.’
    • ‘The pair of steam winding engines built by his works for the Hustler's Royal Reserve Co. were the largest on the Bendigo field.’
    • ‘By 1843 the winding engines needed costly repairs and the harbour at Whitstable suffered badly from silting, both adding to the company's financial woes.’
    • ‘The boy, it was stated, had been employed in the pit since October last year, latterly as a winding engine cleaner and oiler.’
    • ‘They have been interpreted as engine mountings for the first winding engine which was associated with sinking the shaft and the initial years of operation.’
    • ‘Scotland's largest winding engine is now driven by electricity.’
    • ‘Another excursion takes you to the winding engine house, home to the most powerful winding engines fitted in any Scottish colliery.’