Meaning of window cleaner in English:

window cleaner

Pronunciation /ˈwɪndə(ʊ) ˌkliːnə/

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  • 1mainly British A person who is employed to clean windows.

    ‘After all, when the window cleaner comes to clean your windows and you pay him he doesn't ask you where the money's come from.’
    • ‘Eveidently the tenant had neither heard of a vacuum cleaner nor a window cleaner.’
    • ‘Companies are happy to employ window cleaners and people to vacuum but many of them forget about the danger at their fingertips.’
    • ‘The number of women employing au pairs, window cleaners and gardeners has increased by only 7.9 per cent in the past five years.’
    • ‘Mr Oaks, who has worked as a window cleaner for the past 15 years, joked: ‘I have seen some strange things over the years.’’
    • ‘The trees belonged to her husband Thomas, 57, a self-employed window cleaner, who has been growing bonsai for more than ten years, and has displayed them at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show.’
    • ‘The door would normally be locked but the window cleaner had just been.’
    • ‘After retiring from soccer in 1977 Astle became a window cleaner before forging a TV career in the 1990s with cameo singing roles on television's Fantasy Football League show.’
    • ‘The musical, based on the book by Abe Burrows with music and lyrics by Frank Loesser, focuses on J Pierrepont, a young window cleaner who starts to climb the corporate ladder.’
    • ‘My employer was always short of what he called ‘change’ for the milkman, the window cleaner (then a necessity in London), and for a round of drinks or a taxi fare.’
    1. 1.1mass noun A substance used for cleaning windows.
      ‘Wipe the screen daily using window cleaner, then polish it with a clean dry cloth.’
      • ‘Just add a teaspoon or so of liquid dish soap to acrylic craft paint, (I like white or gold metallic) and after the holidays you should be able to wash it off with window cleaner.’
      • ‘I am concerned that the bill has the impact of perhaps regulating against Sellotape, against Mr Muscle, and against window cleaner, and I think that is a ridiculous state of affairs.’
      • ‘The man didn't seem quite normal - besides living in an alley and having super-advanced technology, he couldn't hear footsteps and was oozing some goo the color of window cleaner.’
      • ‘Sure, there are plenty of fancy, organic home cleaning products, but frankly we just can't bear to spend big bucks on a purse size atomizer of window cleaner.’
      • ‘‘Sales’ includes everything from in-stock office furniture to window cleaner and wire cutters.’
      • ‘If you live in a particularly dry climate, or you have problems with the vinyl not clinging to the block, dampen the block with a spray of water or window cleaner and it will adhere better.’
      • ‘Spray your sliding glass door with window cleaner.’
      • ‘Since it was impossible to return to the bottle of window cleaner, I strolled the hallways until I arrived outside the school office.’
      • ‘It was later determined that the bottle contained window cleaner.’