Meaning of window frame in English:

window frame

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  • A supporting frame for the glass of a window.

    ‘Attaching film to the window frame keeps the broken glass in the frame, much like an automobile windshield.’
    • ‘After old caulk is removed, new caulk can then be applied to all joints in the window frame and the joint between the frame and the joint between the frame and the wall.’
    • ‘Made of wood or metal, decorative rods span the window frame and act as the primary support for the drapery or scarf.’
    • ‘He carefully knocked the jagged edges of broken glass from the window frame with the handle of a floor-brush, and caught the falling shards in a matching plastic dustpan.’
    • ‘A stone from outside shatters the glass in the window frame in the nick of time, before the gas flooding the room can have its intended effect.’
    • ‘The best way to counter this form of corporate espionage is to mount tiny mechanical motors into the window frame to vibrate the glass.’
    • ‘Ian kicked away the remnants of glass from the window frame, then reached inside and released the door lock.’
    • ‘To install this system, just drill a hole in the upper corner of the lower window frame and align it with holes in the top sash.’
    • ‘They allow the hinge edge of the sash to slide away from the window frame as it opens.’
    • ‘Secure the tieback around a pushpin in the window frame.’
    • ‘Simply hang the curtains from tension rods inside the window frame.’
    • ‘Caulking the outside of the window frame where it joins the overall structure of the house will halt this flow of air.’
    • ‘Holes in the seal between the air conditioner and the window frame allow cool air to escape from your home.’
    • ‘Imagine a small window with an enormous curtain rod over it that extends far beyond the window frame.’
    • ‘A cold frame in a sunny corner uses no resources except scrap lumber and an old window frame.’
    • ‘At 12 minutes into the test there was a collection of water on the soffit which began to drip down through the separation between the drywall and the window frame.’
    • ‘Jimmy sugar soaped the ceiling and walls in the front room and undercoated the window frame.’
    • ‘The door was ripped in half, the ceiling was punctured in a dozen places, a gaping hole was left in the floorboards and the window frame was buckled under the impact of the explosion.’
    • ‘It took a half hour to clean up all the glass and clear out the broken window frame.’
    • ‘Apparently, he was leaning out of a window and the sash cord broke, with the result that the window frame fell on his head and knocked him out.’