Meaning of window of vulnerability in English:

window of vulnerability


  • An opportunity to attack something that is at risk (especially as a cold war claim that America's land-based missiles were easy targets for a Soviet first strike).

    • ‘Reagan was of course right about the window of vulnerability, and the Soviet Union collapsed just five years later.’
    • ‘Few if any of the paratroopers anxiously scanning the northern sky for the telltale dust columns of Iraqi armor advancing south knew that this window of vulnerability could have been avoided.’
    • ‘This will probably be a window of vulnerability until the human intelligence capabilities are fully rebuilt.’
    • ‘This kind of holistic defensive strategy adds a proactive dimension to firewall protection, and ensures that the effects of Zero Day attacks can be minimized by making the window of vulnerability as small as possible.’
    • ‘This expands the window of vulnerability wherein critical data is at risk during the rebuild process.’
    • ‘Even with a window of vulnerability during the period of nuclear development the military option will not always be credible, for a variety of political reasons.’
    • ‘The real window of vulnerability may be after the stress is over.’
    • ‘That span - much of the first trimester - appears to be a special window of vulnerability for birth defects, Dr. Bell said, just as earlier research has suggested.’
    • ‘If anti-virus vendors were able to reduce the window of vulnerability to three hours or less, mass-mailing viruses would have little if any impact.’
    • ‘That's the attitude that makes full disclosure the only viable way to reduce the window of vulnerability.’