Meaning of window seat in English:

window seat

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  • 1A seat below a window, especially one in a bay or alcove.

    ‘It had a huge wardrobe with mirror doors and a window with a padded window seat that looked out at the quiet tree-lined street below.’
    • ‘Leaning her head against the glass, Jaid sat on her window seat and looked out onto the quiet street below.’
    • ‘A lovely window seat has been built into one of the bay windows, and a pine floor has just been laid - the carpet was destroyed by our parties.’
    • ‘It brushed against my window, and I, lying there at the window seat, opened my eyes and blinked them once or twice.’
    • ‘Marise Stillman's sprawling collection of miniature homes and figurines takes up the entire window seat in her dining room.’
    • ‘Sitting in a leather-bound window seat in the Pugin Room of the Commons, overlooking the Thames, Marsden makes for an unlikely and accidental rebel.’
    • ‘When the operator finally rang her room, she was sitting on the window seat and had almost finished putting lacquer on the nails of her left hand.’
    • ‘I've been sitting at the window seat for a couple of hours.’
    • ‘It has a designer kitchen with floor-to-ceiling windows, a tiled floor, integrated designer appliances and a beech window seat.’
    • ‘Don't let my wife see the granite window seat - or I'll be out another couple grand.’
    • ‘A window seat in the corner of the kitchen is just one of the many interesting feature in the home.’
    • ‘John did much of the carpentry himself, putting up shelves, making doors and window seats, all from old wood.’
    • ‘She plopped down on Keira's bed while Brielle gracefully seated herself on the window seat.’
    • ‘I was seated in the window seat over looking the woods and small lake they had.’
    • ‘As I sat in the window seat looking down at the men training in the practice yards, I remembered Kristram's words to me.’
    • ‘There was a living room with big, plushy sofas, a large bedroom with a wide window and even a window seat, a gorgeous bathroom done up all in black and white marble, and even a kitchenette.’
    • ‘There was a bay window with a window seat facing the road outside.’
    • ‘Then on the far wall beside it was the huge window with a window seat.’
    • ‘A bay window with a window seat overlooks the front garden and two sets of double doors lead to the back garden.’
    • ‘Stairs lead to a bright landing with a window seat.’
    1. 1.1A seat next to a window in an aircraft or train.
      ‘The train was more crowded than I expected, so in order to get a window seat, I moved into the inoperative cafe car.’
      • ‘I found myself a good window seat and settled in for the ride.’
      • ‘On our final approach to O'Hare, I was sitting in the window seat and Walter was sitting next to me on the aisle.’
      • ‘Oh, yes, this was also my first time on an airplane, so a window seat was crucial.’
      • ‘Madison sat next to me, while I got the window seat, and James got the other window seat.’
      • ‘She placed her handbag on the empty window seat beside hers, took off her coat, and sunk into her seat, enjoying its comfort.’
      • ‘Where does a woman put her hat when she wants to snooze in the window seat - or struggle through six train coaches to reach the buffet car?’
      • ‘Keith ws already seated on the plane, so I sat in a window seat with an empty aisle seat next to me.’
      • ‘There I was, strapped into my window seat, having finally jammed my bulging knapsack underneath the seat in front of me.’
      • ‘We take our former seats, although I'm in the window seat this time.’
      • ‘One sat in the window seat and the other sat in the middle seat.’
      • ‘The best thing about my new friends Sanjay and Vicky was that they wanted to sit next to each other, so I got the much-desired window seat after all.’
      • ‘So here comes the bus and I'm making sure to look but not look and maybe nod but not wave at her but as I look up at her window seat all I see is a look of horror on her face.’
      • ‘My seat moan is that on my very occasional air journeys, I constantly ask for a window seat with a nice view, and they constantly give me a window seat with a perfect view of the wing.’
      • ‘I would like to dispute Shania's suggestion that riders wait until the bus stops if they are sitting at a window seat and need to get out.’
      • ‘I stood there waiting for the bus, and when it turned up, I luckily got a window seat, which was heaven for me!’
      • ‘No sooner had I said that than a man came and claimed the window seat in Row 7.’
      • ‘Whenever I fly anywhere I always like to sit in a window seat if I can.’
      • ‘The fellow in the window seat next to me was carrying on his lap a boy of about 2 or 3.’
      • ‘I got shifted at the last minute into the window seat in the exit row.’