Meaning of windowed in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwɪndəʊd/


  • 1Having a window or windows.

    in combination ‘a row of bay-windowed houses’
    • ‘The watery theme continues with multi colored shells in blue and green hues on the ceiling and windowed walls covered in a mirror material that's been antiqued to somewhat successfully resemble seawater.’
    • ‘Traveling Commodore Class, I was shown to a windowed cabin high up and forward on deck 7, a double arranged for single occupancy, with one bed made up and the other for use as a couch.’
    • ‘Just across the atrium, the Churchill Lounge beckons to those with an affinity for cigars and fine spirits in a cozy, windowed space that recalls an English gentleman's club.’
    • ‘And she led the way, back down the marble staircase that overlooks a tiled swimming pool set in a conservatory with vast tropical palms very nearly jabbing at the windowed ceiling.’
    • ‘Though the porch was, thankfully, enclosed, its windowed walls lacked the insulation necessary to keep out the blistering December air.’
    • ‘The white-painted porch is windowed on the right side.’
    • ‘We got a windowed room above the plebeians for our meal.’
    • ‘The food court looks out through an entire windowed wall onto a grove of trees that was apparently planted specifically to provide a view.’
    • ‘The red brick-fronted bay windowed home spans 1,330 sq ft in this gated scheme.’
    • ‘Faro looks poor, and poorly looked after, there are numerous buildings which are little more than broken-windowed shells.’
    • ‘There is special concern about the vast windowed expanses of the new Overture Center.’
    • ‘These open up to reveal a spacious hallway, off which lies a bay-windowed drawing room with its French doors leading to the rear garden.’
    • ‘A double height bay at one end, and a bay-windowed study at the other, provides a pleasant front view.’
    • ‘It had a huge kitchen with an island that opened onto a windowed conseveratory/sun porch.’
    • ‘It was a panoramic, large windowed affair, on the seventh floor of the hotel, and we had a window seat.’
    • ‘The main advantage to a corner pub is the possibility of at least two windowed walls and the light this can bring.’
    • ‘It replaced a huge, built-in spa tub and surround that took up the entire area of the windowed wall.’
    • ‘Having drop-dead gorgeous, private, windowed offices makes it a lot easier to recruit the kinds of superstars that produce ten times as much as the merely brilliant software developers.’
    • ‘On the staff front, support facilities would include a staff-only cafeteria, windowed break rooms with outside access, and a health club.’
    • ‘A Vat-registered farmer can reclaim Vat on farm vehicles, such as vans and pick-up trucks, but not passenger motor vehicles, and in particular, windowed four wheel drive vehicles such as Land Cruisers and Datsun Patrols.’
  • 2Computing
    Having or using framed areas on a display screen for viewing information.

    ‘To change the screen resolution to windowed mode, you need to edit the game's configuration file.’
    • ‘Many projects have been started to supply Linux with a windowed environment.’
    • ‘Even those computer operating systems that are primarily text based - such as Unix - have point-and-click, windowed desktops available for them.’
    • ‘The Options menu lets you switch from windowed to full-screen mode.’
    • ‘In Code View, a Word document offers various windowed views open to the document code itself, but also to collections of JavaScript or VBasic objects, events and document structures.’