Meaning of windowsill in English:



  • A ledge or sill forming the bottom part of a window.

    • ‘Well, the caulking would go down here with the window sill, with the frame.’
    • ‘Keep a bucket of soapy water and a second sponge to clean the exterior window sill.’
    • ‘It is thought he climbed to the window sill and then slipped over the ledge.’
    • ‘The window sill was replaced once on the fourth floor and the drywall around the windows was repaired several times.’
    • ‘She stared out the window, at the thick snow falling fast on the ground and building up on the window sill.’
    • ‘The cistern has an indefinable white substance dripping down it and the missing tiles were stacked up on the window sill.’
    • ‘She put the box on the floor and walked over to the photograph on the window sill.’
    • ‘As bulldozers started clearing the rubble, two drinks glasses still stood on a window sill.’
    • ‘Judge Raymond Bennett said it was difficult to imagine anything more fearsome than seeing somebody on your window sill at 2am.’
    • ‘But plants plonked on your window sill really are at the mercy of everything that the weather can throw at them, so they need all the help you can give.’
    • ‘He is barely tall enough to see over the window sill.’
    • ‘Then she leaves the bag on the window sill, visible to the squirrels, taunting them, hoping one of them will take a leap and brain themselves on the glass.’
    • ‘On an outside window sill, basil, thyme, bay, chervil, sage, chives and marjoram will grow happily in a pot.’
    • ‘I nurtured a tomato garden on the window sill with the dirt in cheese boxes and the seeds coming in five cent packages.’
    • ‘I sealed the note and left it on the kitchen window sill.’
    • ‘He first examined the window sill, then ducked down and leaned out.’
    • ‘I didn't want to drink anymore, and so I put the cup of water on the window sill.’
    • ‘And here's a good tip - keep your tomatoes in the fruit bowl and they will ripen up a treat, or just keep a bowl on the window sill.’
    • ‘This opening narration ends with a visual of a reel-to-reel tape recorder playing on a window sill to an empty room.’
    • ‘Behind the girl's left shoulder a figurine of a horse sits on the window sill.’