Meaning of windsail in English:



  • A long wide tube or funnel of sailcloth used to convey air to the lower parts of a ship.

    • ‘For example, breaks, windsails and bellows were devised to control the revolutions of the wheel, while slide rules were adopted to calculate the work-rate and clock bells were installed to ring at the end of a treading stint.’
    • ‘The horizontal shaft with windsails was not set at a true 90 degree angle but approximately 80 degrees making it possible for the said sweep to clear the turret completely.’
    • ‘According to Burt the remaining cowls were replaced by windsails but apparently the nets and some cowls were remounted in 1903.’
    • ‘These windsails were gradually superseded in the 60s when fans driven by compressed air were introduced to do the same job.’
    • ‘In ordinary circumstances when windsails, fanners, or other powers have been introduced with the view of promoting ventilation, they have in general acted locally, with various effect, influencing powerfully the state of the atmosphere at one place, while in others it remained comparatively unaffected.’