Meaning of windscreen wiper in English:

windscreen wiper

(North American windshield wiper)


  • A power-operated device for keeping a windscreen clear of rain, typically with a rubber blade on an arm that moves in an arc.

    • ‘The only other unpleasant noise entering the cabin was the windscreen wiper motor.’
    • ‘This woman had a friend hook up a power pack from an electric fence to the windshield wiper.’
    • ‘There were no long objects inside the car, so in the end I took off one of the windscreen wiper blades, launched myself into the back of the car, grunting and swearing, poking the wiper around until I finally flipped up the lock.’
    • ‘He noted a leaking shock absorber, a broken exhaust front pipe bracket, a broken rear light, a broken rear brake light and a ripped windscreen wiper.’
    • ‘It is enormously annoying to return to your car after shopping to find a parking ticket under the windscreen wiper.’
    • ‘One, with excellent timing, slipped his card under the windscreen wiper of my parked car a few days ago.’
    • ‘He left a note on his car to explain this but returned to find a parking inspector's yellow calling card underneath his windscreen wiper and, to add insult to injury, placed over the note.’
    • ‘Sgt Paul Walsh, of Salford Traffic Unit, said: ‘A windscreen wiper was found from the vehicle which would have had other damage.’’
    • ‘I even have a working windscreen wiper now, although that was more to do with driving the car around to mum's and drinking tea while Andrew screwed on a new one.’
    • ‘To set the parking brake, slide over to the passenger seat, roll down your window, and feel behind the windshield wiper until you notice a barely detectable, curved bump.’
    • ‘A cleric parks his car in a no-parking zone and places a note under the windshield wiper, explaining: ‘I have circled the block 10 times.’’
    • ‘If you come up with an idea for a new windshield wiper and it gets implemented by an automaker and before you know it millions of cars around the world are using it, that's a very powerful experience.’
    • ‘Tucked beneath her windshield wiper was a note.’
    • ‘Under my windshield wiper was another gray envelope.’
    • ‘Apparently, the windshield wiper has broken, and district policy is that you can't be on a bus when the wiper is broken while it is raining.’
    • ‘‘Both wing mirrors and aerial were ripped out and they tried to get the rear windscreen wiper off,’ said Mr Farley, of Wick Road in Old Heath, Colchester.’
    • ‘It seems no road in the borough is free from double yellow lines, controlled parking zones and the danger of discovering a penalty notice tucked in your windscreen wiper demanding £40.’
    • ‘The windscreen wiper is speed sensitive in the intermittent position, which is a bright idea, and it also has a de-icer.’
    • ‘The windscreen wiper had to be turned to maximum speed as we exited the cathedral green.’
    • ‘A car windscreen wiper motor operated the panel and a button under the pilot's seat activated the cameras.’


windscreen wiper