Meaning of windslab in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwɪndslab/


mass noun
  • A thick crust formed on the surface of soft snow by the wind, of a kind liable to slip and create an avalanche.

    ‘Twight and I briefly considered the West Rib or the Messner Couloir, but both had two feet of avalanche-prone windslab over blue ice.’
    • ‘The new low-density snow has not bonded so watch for cohesive windslabs that have formed over the top.’
    • ‘These windslabs often obscure rocks and other hazards and react easily to skier traffic.’
    • ‘One of the supporting Army mountain guides headed to the opposite slope where a windslab came down recently.’
    • ‘At present there are still isolated pockets of windslab particularly on aspects lee to the westerly quarter.’
    • ‘We have two main concerns today: Isolated windslabs and extremely warm temperatures at upper elevations.’
    • ‘The ground leading to it was steep windslab, too deep to find hard snow for a deadman, or ice for a screw.’
    • ‘Be aware that it's a high mountain area and gets a lot of wind, hence windslabs and accompanying avalanche danger.’
    • ‘Word is that serious windslabs were forming on the ridge at Bridger today, not a good sign for other areas as well.’
    • ‘Watch for loose slides in the new snow. This may be enough to set off windslab underneath.’
    • ‘Ridgetop winds were blowing from the north scouring north faces or giving them a slight windslab.’
    • ‘Where the wider skis like the Chubbs stand out is in the windslab, breakable crust, Sierra cement type conditions.’
    • ‘Rain will be falling on a variety of surface conditions including old crust, unconsolidated powder and windslabs of varying degrees of hardness.’
    • ‘After 2 hours spent sitting in bivouac bags the storm showed no sign of clearing and the decision was made to retreat before fresh windslab built up in the blizzard.’
    • ‘The fresh windslab that built up over the weekend is beginning to consolidate.’
    • ‘The hard, smooth surface of windslab is very deceptive, avalanches of such snow are common and have been responsible for many fatal accidents.’
    • ‘Skiing became tricky since there were large windslabs and abundant cornices some of which showed cracks three feet from the edge.’
    • ‘North and Northeast aspects are of concern due to the strong flow over this past weekend that created windslabs on leeward slopes.’
    • ‘For the next couple of days and until after the next warm event there exist some pockets of windslab on the upper mountain below Porter Col.’
    • ‘We did not find fresh windslabs of any size, but lee slopes in the windier spots are likely to have very tender windslabs.’