Meaning of windstorm in English:



North American
  • A storm with very strong wind but little or no rain or snow; a gale.

    • ‘Besides genetics, factors that keep most eastern old growth from soaring to the skies are thin, rocky soils and frequent hurricanes, windstorms, and ice storms.’
    • ‘Rain storms and windstorms and turbulent waves and whatever other kind of disaster existed had thrown itself at them.’
    • ‘Also, windstorms from Gulf Coastal storms do induce significant damage in forests even farther inland than these mountain stands.’
    • ‘Weather patterns are disrupted and clouds, rain and windstorms are common reactions to the eclipse cycle, especially in the few days preceding an eclipse.’
    • ‘Ice storms occur in southern Canada and in the United States each year and, with a return time of 20-100 years, ice storms are more frequent than fires or windstorms in the deciduous forests of eastern Canada.’
    • ‘Infection with mycotoxins is most common on grains damaged by insects, birds, mites, hail, early frost, heat and drought stress, windstorms, and other unfavorable weather.’
    • ‘When the tower came down, it brought fearsome rolling thunder and a windstorm carrying concrete and steel.’
    • ‘When ‘climate change’ is referred to in the press, it normally means greenhouse warming, which, it is predicted, will cause flooding, severe windstorms, and killer heat waves.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, extreme weather events are escalating: African floods, European windstorms, Asian droughts, and so on.’
    • ‘He enjoys the experience of being in the center of the windstorm for it is the only calm part of the tempest.’
    • ‘High on everyone's list of ominous prospects is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, in northern Minnesota, where a freak windstorm last summer turned half a million acres of trees into a massive pile of kindling.’
    • ‘Extreme precipitation events have increased by up to 4 per cent at high and mid-latitudes during the second half of the twentieth century, and more rainstorms, floods, and windstorms are forecast.’
    • ‘The informants reported decreased yields owing to more pests, declining soil fertility, and the increased frequency of frosts, dry spells, and windstorms.’
    • ‘No matter how good your hay is today, between now and feeding time, every rain, every windstorm, is going to steal nutrients from every exposed bale and stack.’
    • ‘While all natural disasters can bring destruction to an area, windstorms typically produce the most damage.’
    • ‘It is clear from historical documents and radial growth chronologies that the logging and windstorms that created stands of Castanea dentata and Betula, also released shade tolerant Tsuga canadensis into the canopy.’
    • ‘Indeed, two major windstorms that came through central Pennsylvania in quick succession appear to be the most likely explanation for the major releases that occurred around 1850.’
    • ‘In May of 2003, severe straight-line windstorms struck the region, creating many small and a few large gaps.’
    • ‘Along with windstorms and fire, beavers (Castor canadensis Kuhl) were major agents responsible for disturbance in eastern North America.’
    • ‘The 1850 event corresponds with the date of two intense windstorms and was the only disturbance event large enough to recruit white pine.’
    tempest, squall