Meaning of Windy Wellington in English:

Windy Wellington


New Zealand
  • A nickname for the city of Wellington.

    ‘there are four changes to the team which beat Argentina in Windy Wellington last weekend’
    • ‘The denizens have the gall to go on about 'Windy Wellington', which actually has a far more even climate!’
    • ‘Thank you for letting me do outlandish things and wear short skirts in Windy Wellington.’
    • ‘She was very out of place in Windy Wellington, where most people were dressed for the cold wind, which was a little cold today.’
    • ‘The Springboks fell 41–20 to New Zealand in Windy Wellington last week.’
    • ‘Windy Wellington gave us a welcome in style, and then the winds picked up as we drew close to the heads.’
    • ‘Windy Wellington is a bonus for us, and we see the harbour as a fantastic gym, as a stadium for testing the boat in extreme conditions, but in a safe secluded environment.’
    • ‘She channels Princess Diana in regal red as she arrives in Windy Wellington, but it's her baby prince who steals the show.’
    • ‘Lunch was not in a flapping tent that was threatening to blow over in Windy Wellington, but in an actual building, and the best food I've ever had on any job.’
    • ‘Just returned to Auckland after our plane failed to land in Windy Wellington.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, I didn't get the best night's sleep, as Windy Wellington really lived up to its name during the night.’