Meaning of wine bottle in English:

wine bottle


  • A glass bottle for wine, the standard size holding 75 cl or 262/3 fl. oz.

    • ‘One can approach reading a German Wine bottle differently than one reads a French wine bottle.’
    • ‘Most people know that the standard wine bottle is 75 cl in volume, and that a magnum is 1.5 litres or two bottles.’
    • ‘After knocking over an empty wine bottle and a glass onto the carpet, he switches on the bedside lamp and gasps.’
    • ‘Gathering up their glasses and the wine bottle they made their way down the steps to the waiting hot tub.’
    • ‘And lastly, water is essential for maintaining bowel regularity. Without it, waste matter in the colon can tend to get dry and stuck, a bit like cork in the neck of a wine bottle.’
    • ‘As binning and storing wine became commonplace during the course of the 18th century, the wine bottle evolved into the cylindrical shape we know today.’
    • ‘So, empty Marsala bottle, empty wine bottle, empty chutney jar, some milk cartons, empty can of corn.’
    • ‘He slammed down his coffee cup and snatched the wine bottle out of Andrew's hands.’
    • ‘Cesar grabbed the wine bottle and poured him a glass.’
    • ‘The mouth of the wine bottle clinks noisily against the glass, and Danielle Nichols takes a little more care as she pours herself a drink.’
    • ‘The bottle on the tray was not a wine bottle, but a medicine bottle.’
    • ‘Dale put her hand on the wine bottle, as I went to pour myself another glass.’
    • ‘Air New Zealand has launched a plastic wine bottle that is lighter and more robust than glass, but has some of its cool feel.’
    • ‘Waste glass can be reused for its original purpose; a wine bottle can be washed out, relabelled and refilled.’
    • ‘The company asked students at Central St Martins College of Art and Design in London to design what they thought the wine bottle would be like in another 150 years.’
    • ‘He neatly dodged the wine bottle his master threw at him.’
    • ‘On the table are an empty wine bottle, a clock and a pistol.’
    • ‘I stood and started to turn the corner that led to the kitchen when I noticed the empty wine bottle lying on the ground, next to the couch.’
    • ‘He even went to a Hassidic wedding, where he saw a comedian do a bit of tomfoolery with an empty wine bottle, balancing it on his head as he danced.’
    • ‘In a process very similar to extracting a cork from a wine bottle, the auger bit is twisted in and extracted without rotation.’