Meaning of wine box in English:

wine box


  • A square carton of wine with a dispensing tap.

    • ‘In a simple but chilling display of the effects of the change of pressure, the bag from the inside of a wine box was floated up, compressed to a third of its original volume, gradually emerging unscathed at the surface.’
    • ‘But a lifestyle assistant won't listen as you harp on about your partner's snoring, and is unlikely to show up at three am, armed with a wine box.’
    • ‘Drinkers in the 1970s quickly came to the conclusion that Chianti was not up to much - particularly when compared to the miraculous push button technology of the wine box.’
    • ‘I acknowledge, for instance, the whole issue around the wine box, and the difficulties that Mr Peters found himself in, in regard to that issue.’
    • ‘It should never have come to this ’, he resignedly thought to himself as he slipped the silencer-fitted pistol into its slot inside a specially prepared wine box.’
    • ‘There is a knack to this DIY just as there is a knack to riding a camel or fishing the spout out of a 5-litre wine box.’
    • ‘The Australian government is now considering a higher band of taxation for wine sold in ‘casks’ to try and put an end to the yahoo behaviour of these serious wine box devotees, many of whom are delinquent.’
    • ‘William Foster says that wine box technology has moved on and is a clever solution for informal entertaining’
    • ‘It is used chiefly as a blend component for cheap generic bottled table wines and casks, or wine boxes.’
    • ‘Once dry, it is ready to be made into a range of products, like gift boxes and bags, wine boxes, pen and pencil holders, photo frames and albums, folders and memo boxes.’
    • ‘One common approach is to metallise the film - aluminised polypropylene has a negligible oxygen transmission, and is familiar to us as the packaging material for cooked meats such as salami, and the inside of wine boxes.’
    • ‘I remember his little bedsit room on Tusculum Street on the edge of the Cross, with his slightly threadbare grey suit in the closet, and empty Yalumba wine boxes, and stacks of books.’


wine box