Meaning of wine dot in English:

wine dot


informal Australian
  • A habitual drinker of cheap wine or other alcohol.

    ‘there'd always be wine dots drinking themselves to death on the steps of the pub’
    • ‘He, who was his mother's darling, disintegrated into a wrinkled wild-eyed ruin — a wine-dot, a dirty alcoholic.’
    • ‘We was brought up by a wine dot and an ol' man who never noticed we was alive.’
    • ‘I'm a bit of a wine dot, I love a good red.’
    • ‘The winedot glowered with rheumy eyes, dribbling spittle, and men moved away in disgust.’
    • ‘"Yah, yer bloody winedot," a thin young villain cried. "You pong like a camel-driver's jockstrap."’
    • ‘"Ah, I'm sick to bloody death of you old wine-dots," said Tarrant, and thought of how he had missed a party.’
    • ‘The older I have got, the more I have coveted red burgundies, particularly those that wed the romantic to the carnal, the floral to the animal. This is not uncommon among wine dots.’
    • ‘The wine dots are happy and I know they're sincere, when they say they don't care if the pubs got no beer.’
    • ‘The wine bar with its cheaper accoutrements is likely to flop just as badly as it did 20 years ago; and there we will be: back with the dirty dank interiors, the wine dots, the derelicts and the fourpenny darks.’


1930s perhaps rhyming slang for sot.