Meaning of wine glass in English:

wine glass


  • A glass with a stem and foot, used for drinking wine.

    • ‘They also undertook glass painting decorating a wine glass or tumbler, which was provided according to their own taste.’
    • ‘‘Marriages’ of two separate glasses, such as the bowl of a wine glass joined to another stem, can be passed off as an original glass.’
    • ‘The all-important water glass is just above the knife, with the wine glass - or glasses, if red and white will both be served - to the right of it.’
    • ‘Angharad gladly got to her feet, setting her wine glass down.’
    • ‘Recalling that dismal time, Iris stared at the crystal stem of her wine glass.’
    • ‘She fingered the stem of the wine glass and slowly brought her eyes up to his.’
    • ‘On the way, she grabbed a wine glass and drank from it deeply without breaking her stride.’
    • ‘To fully appreciate the smells and tastes, drink the tea from a tulip-shaped wine glass rather than from a china cup or mug.’
    • ‘I was chatting with a co-conspirator when we were approached by a woman with an immaculate mullet - wine glass held by the stem, up next to her face, it was a moment to cherish.’
    • ‘The word tapa means ‘lid,’ referring to slices of bread, ham or cheese placed over the wine glass to prevent flies from drowning in the drink.’
    • ‘She claimed William's wine glass and drank deeply, taking a deep and unsteady breath once she was finished.’
    • ‘The drink was served in a wine glass, straight up, no ice and tasted inoffensive.’
    • ‘Pam set her wine glass on the coffee table and leaned forward.’
    • ‘The highly desirable enamelled and colour twist-stem glasses command serious attention - £2,000 buys you one wine glass with a colour twist stem.’
    • ‘He shot a glance at Katherine and she nervously raised her wine glass to her lips, pretending to drink, but secretly gauging the reaction of each man to the other.’
    • ‘I have seen a special wine glass with a thermometer included in the stem: please shoot me if I buy one of those.’
    • ‘Jantha raised her wine glass in salute, taking a drink to hide any nervousness she might be feeling.’
    • ‘Grabbing a wine glass, he slammed it on the table, the glass cracking under the force.’
    • ‘She smiled up at him as she took the wine glass from his hand and took a sip of his drink.’
    • ‘My cappuccino came in a stemmed wine glass, so it looked rather like an Irish coffee (but was OK anyway).’


wine glass