Meaning of wine o'clock in English:

wine o'clock


  • An appropriate time of day for starting to drink wine.

    ‘I just checked my watch and it's definitely wine o'clock’
    • ‘We pull ourselves away to pedal back to the hotel in time for wine o'clock.’
    • ‘One persisted in phoning our home, usually after wine o'clock.’
    • ‘I thought that cheeky sense of humour only came out to play at wine o'clock?’
    • ‘Dr Jarvis says that perhaps we need to call time on the culture of wine o'clock.’
    • ‘Wine o'clock just got better.’
    • ‘Sparkling, red, white, dessert - nothing beats the perfect glass of wine for a special celebration, or just because it's wine o'clock.’
    • ‘For myself, wine o'clock starts as many seconds after the kids are in bed as it takes for me to lurch to the wine rack.’
    • ‘My back is killing me - must be wine o'clock!’
    • ‘I think it's wine o'clock, goodnight!’