Meaning of wine of origin in English:

wine of origin


  • (in South Africa) a wine officially certified as originating from a recognized region or estate and also as being of a particular cultivar or vintage.

    • ‘This new scheme would not only protect wines of origin but also wines made from a specific cultivar or vintage.’
    • ‘With Mittelburgenland Dac, the Austrian wine economy continues to implement its strategy of emphasizing wines of origin with clear taste messages.’
    • ‘He has gone on record as saying that he doesn't care what the industry or the press think, what he wants to do is produce wines of origin that taste like they come from the Willamette valley.’
    • ‘All Stellenbosch wines of origin are from vineyards on the slopes of the Helderberg.’
    • ‘The standards and legislation for protecting Ontario's wines of origin are similar to those in place in major wine producing regions.’