Meaning of wine press in English:

wine press


  • A press in which grapes are squeezed in making wine.

    • ‘In 1452, Gutenberg made the first printing press from an old wine press, moveable type and oil based ink.’
    • ‘Dozens of agonized male faces are packed together like grapes in a wine press, veins bulging from their temples.’
    • ‘The fruit was too hard to be pressed in a wine press and a circular stone mill was used, comprising a mill stone of about a ton in weight which stood upright in a trough and was pulled round by a pony.’
    • ‘Deep down into the cellars we descended for what seemed like hours while I oohed and aahed at wine press after wine press, fast losing the will to live.’
    • ‘He adapted a wine press to make the first movable type printing press.’
    • ‘Instead, he is given a financial stake from the flock, the threshing floor and the wine press.’
    • ‘A reproduction of an eighteenth-century wine press can be seen at Colonial Williamsburg.’
    • ‘It's no wonder that the first time we see Gideon he is hiding his family's grain in the secret compartment of a wine press.’
    • ‘Gutenberg combined the wine press and the coin punch to create moveable type and the printing press.’
    • ‘I've got to check out the immense three ton wine press and visit with the lady who runs the place.’
    • ‘Few elements at the site could be explicitly associated with agricultural productivity; no olive or wine presses, for example, were found.’
    • ‘There were bakeries, wine presses and grist mills.’
    • ‘The French were most adept at this: there were taxes on salt, bread, and wine as well as taxes on the rights to use wine presses, grindstones and mills.’
    • ‘Examples of the latter are wine presses and farming innovations like the form of terracing and water systems.’
    • ‘Some would work in the fields, others in the bakeries, and still others would tend to the wine presses.’
    • ‘Book III examines methods of transporting objects by such means as sledges, the use of cranes, and looks at wine presses.’
    • ‘The weight of her brother's scorn broke her heart, and she returned to her wine presses.’


wine press