Meaning of wine red in English:

wine red


mass noun
  • A dark red colour like that of red wine.

    • ‘The majority of Thai people practise Buddhism, so the designer picked up on temple colours such as dark wine red to add a special feel to the room.’
    • ‘The women's costumes were long and full-skirted, of gray tulle with tight gray satin bodices, but the underskirts had warm tones of crimson, cherry, flame and wine red.’
    • ‘Most had wings no darker than wine red, two had dark grey wings and one had brown wings.’
    • ‘The chief bridesmaid was Pamela Kavanagh and the bridesmaid was Ellen Kavanagh and they wore dresses of cherry wine red.’
    • ‘From Baby Taylors to Fender guitars in every shade of wine red, cherry and liquorice black they stand there in rows, gleaming proudly in the sun.’
    • ‘I also returned the bathmats that I had bought, since purple doesn't really go with my peach/brown / wine red bathroom colour scheme.’
    • ‘Their original hue was a dark wine red but now they are bred in many colours.’
    • ‘Everything was either wine red or an off-white cream color.’
    • ‘She wore a dress of deep wine red with black satin on the bodice.’
    • ‘The colour of the pulp may be anything between white and deep wine red.’
    • ‘This year my garden was a picture of magenta and wine-red dahlias and heavenly old-fashioned sweet peas.’
    • ‘The five petalled flowers are star shaped and generally have a cream or pale yellow background covered over with distinct maroon or wine red markings.’
    • ‘With no pupils left, they were merely two orbs of a dark wine red.’
    • ‘Garnet, on the other hand, is rich in tone with lovely wine-red blooms that glow in late summer and autumn sunlight.’
    • ‘The carpet was beige, and there was a wine red and tan rug in the center of the room.’
    • ‘Passenger pigeons looked like mourning doves, but more colorful, with wine-red breasts, green necks and long blue tail feathers.’
    • ‘I pointed to a pair of wine-red kid leather Dolce & Gabbana pumps.’
    • ‘Her wine-red curls had been gathered up and pinned in a bun, the white-crepe veil falling over her face.’
    • ‘The table was a corner one, with two chairs facing one another and two lit wine-red candles in a champagne glass.’
    • ‘Margot was well to the fore, looking stunning in a strapless gown of wine red velvet and her hair swept up to the top of her head, and Doris was a complete contrast in pure white, which showed off her suntanned skin and big dark eyes.’
    scarlet, vermilion, ruby, ruby red, ruby-coloured, cherry, cherry red, cerise, cardinal, carmine, wine, wine red, wine-coloured, claret, claret red, claret-coloured, blood red