Meaning of wine waiter in English:

wine waiter


  • A waiter responsible for serving wine.

    • ‘Or do you ask the wine waiter to choose for you and look like an ignoramus?’
    • ‘Ask your wine waiter to recommend a prized brandy when you've finished your food.’
    • ‘I was a wine waiter memorizing a cellar of over 100 wines.’
    • ‘This latterly gave him a good excuse to sit down at receptions: all the better to conduct vigorous conversational campaigns while maintaining eye-contact, not least, at suitable intervals, with the wine waiter.’
    • ‘Victoria Rose, from Rupert Close, received a phone call from her son Johnathan, 24, who had just returned home from his part-time job as a wine waiter at a local restaurant, saying that he had been taken ill.’
    • ‘Why was the orange juice freely available in jugs, but the water served in wine glasses, by a wine waiter, bottle in hand, cloth draped lovingly around the bottle?’
    • ‘I was a wine waiter at the Culloden Hotel, near Belfast.’
    • ‘George Mitchell, the governor of the Bank of Scotland, managed to get on the wrong side of a London wine waiter last week.’
    • ‘The wine waiter, Jean-Louis Valla, knows everything that's going on everywhere.’
    • ‘And Rodney, a wine waiter at Woburn Abbey, feared she was about to end it because of his cheating.’
    • ‘I'll defer to the wine waiter to bring appropriate bottles at regular intervals.’
    • ‘In this country the status of the wine waiter is, alas, not as it is on the continent.’
    • ‘He was also working part-time in restaurants at night, where his knowledge of wines was starting to pay off, and many diners would leave a little in the bottle for their wine waiter to experience.’
    • ‘This isn't always the best way to find good wine, a quick word with the wine waiter usually is the best option and of course the house-wine should always be enjoyable also.’
    • ‘The meal was delicious, and Claudia deftly directed the wine waiter to Tractinius' goblet, so that he was soon very relaxed in their company.’
    • ‘In the past few weeks, Warren McElhone of Castlerea was selected as the top wine waiter in Ireland.’
    • ‘One of the first lessons I learnt as a fresh wine waiter was not to sell Australian red wines.’
    • ‘You were always a fastidious trencherman, and struck fear into the hearts of many a maitre d' and wine waiter, but when they knew you, they adored you.’
    • ‘Far more important is the fact that with tremendous food and the friendliest service in town - wine waiter Giorgio ought to be on the stage - the new, enlarged La Partenope remains one of Edinburgh's culinary star turns.’
    • ‘In what he describes as his ‘wilderness years’ he worked as a bricklayer, meat porter, wine waiter, pizza chef and even as a freelance journalist for the Sun.’
    server, waitress, stewardess, steward, attendant


wine waiter