Meaning of winebibbing in English:


noun & adjective

archaic, literary

See winebibber

  • ‘You begin to understand why the late great A.J. Liebling, the old New Yorker's peerless connoisseur of all sport, from winebibbing to politics, despised baseball.’
  • ‘It's obvious that the alcoholics and boozers and other kinds of people who engage in winebibbing are the weaker brothers, if they're Christians at all, which I doubt.’
  • ‘It's the people God and Jesus love: the greedy, smelly, selfish, winebibbing, note-cribbing, pride-filled, smoke-filled, hate-filled men and women who live here on planet earth.’
  • ‘There are purse-proud penniless ones that stand at the door of the tavern and prate of their feats of winebibbing.’
  • ‘Bulgarians have a heritage of winemaking and winebibbing.’