Meaning of winegrower in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwʌɪnɡrəʊə/

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  • A cultivator of grapes for wine.

    ‘We said that Australia's introduction of a rebate in favour of its winegrowers would hurt Kiwi winegrowers.’
    • ‘The Bragato Awards make a big deal about awarding the winegrower, not the wine maker, with the gongs the wines win, but in this case it is not a grower, but a nursery, Riversun, that collected the trophy.’
    • ‘What if you where a winegrower in Barolo, but did not own one of the hotshot vineyards that would make the great wines in great vintages?’
    • ‘The artistic passions of these winegrowers found the production of single-variety wines too limiting.’
    • ‘Our small, niche wine industry works on the cooperation of all the winegrowers and winemakers in New Zealand working together, which is why we have got such a harmonious piece of legislation.’
    • ‘Marloborough is up in arms over some wine company daring to compromise the quality aspirations of the region's winegrowers by shipping bag-in-box Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc to a UK supermarket chain.’
    • ‘Stiff sheep carcasses and bigger blocks of cheese have set the standard for cheap Marlborough sauvignon blanc, and the future for winegrowers is one of fearfully watching the exchange rate for their profits.’
    • ‘They're spending millions to create consistent brands recognized around the world, while Gallic winegrowers are turning out too much low-quality table wine with mystifying labels.’
    • ‘German winegrowers discovered that if they picked the grapes frozen on the vines, and processed them before the ice melted, they produced wine that was concentrated into a miracle of flavour intensity and sweetness.’
    • ‘Is it too much to expect New Zealand winegrowers to show similar ingenuity to find a name for their precious red wine that encapsulates its identity without giving winegrowers elsewhere a chance to cash in and demean it at the same time?’
    • ‘This wine has made a few Hawke's Bay winegrowers sit up and take notice.’
    • ‘From the time when a French winegrower was imported to improve the wine, Chileans have used European methods to make wine and have won prizes for their specialties.’
    • ‘The exploited woollen workers of Rouen, the overtaxed winegrowers of Languedoc, and the Alpine farmers who were being excluded from forest land resorted to solving their problems by violence.’
    • ‘But, unlike the Labour Government, we also support the Gisborne growers - not just the winegrowers but the squash growers and the tomato growers.’
    • ‘If winegrowers have the wherewithal to coax both fruit and phenols to super ripeness, winemakers have their ways of getting rid of some of the resulting alcohol, including extracting it mechanically after fermentation.’
    • ‘I will not dwell on that, but I think it needs to be emphasised that the availability of information to winegrowers and exporters - the people who want to get out there and do the job of selling our product to the world - is very, very important.’
    • ‘A bill was tabled by the deputy mayor of Montpellier on behalf of the winegrowers to empower the health ministry to investigate the content of drinks made with vegetable extracts in the name of public health.’
    • ‘In 1804 a special grant of Congress enabled a group of French Swiss winegrowers to settle on the Ohio and establish the town of Vevay, Indiana.’
    • ‘Even gloomy January is a good time to visit the region - at the end of the month, every village celebrates the feast of Saint Vincent, the patron saint of winegrowers.’
    • ‘But the real momentum is being provided by the very corporates who for so long have failed Gisborne by demanding the lowest standards of its winegrowers.’