Meaning of winemaker in English:



  • A producer of wine; a winegrower.

    • ‘Telmo Rodriguez is one of the most exciting winemakers in Spain, producing some spectacular wines in a variety of regions.’
    • ‘As a rule, hot summers and early harvests produce great wines, winemakers say.’
    • ‘He bought scores of wine books, consulted winemakers, and with textbook in hand attempted to turn the Bauduc plonk into a memorable wine.’
    • ‘Each winemaker sees this wine as a personal statement and each blend is a unique melange of the varieties in the vineyards.’
    • ‘In Piedmont, white Arneis is a bit of an afterthought for red winemakers focused on Nebbiolo, but this is a concentrated wine of rare complexity.’
    • ‘Now you can rent a row of vines in an Appellation Contrôlée vineyard in France, where a winemaker will produce up to four cases of top-quality wine from them.’
    • ‘The grapes came from Granite Hill Vineyard, and the winemaker is Tony Coturri, who makes his own wines in California.’
    • ‘Rural artisan winemakers are battling industrialist producers in a bid to preserve the magical results of husbandry and handcraft.’
    • ‘Fortunately, the traditionalists that have survived are some of the best winemakers in Barolo.’
    • ‘I've even been asked by winemakers and importers to write my wine list according to region instead of grape variety.’
    • ‘New oak will give more flavour to the wine than an aged barrel and winemakers have the option of aging part of a vintage in new oak for a certain period and then in aged oak.’
    • ‘Visitors to the area mean support for the local farmers and winemakers.’
    • ‘Everything that a winemaker does in producing his wine affects the taste of the wine in one way or another.’
    • ‘The problem with Pinot Noir is that it teases winemakers with greatness.’
    • ‘A talented winemaker whose drinking wine of the moment is Shiraz, Debbie has a clear idea about the wine that she likes to produce and the wine she likes to drink.’
    • ‘Even when the grapes are crushed, it takes a skilled winemaker to turn it into a successful wine.’
    • ‘If consumers accept them at retail, these winemakers may be emboldened to put higher priced wines under the same seal.’
    • ‘Wine director Brian Duncan also brings in winemakers to come to the restaurant and move around as people dine.’
    • ‘What's causing international winemakers to seek alternate closures for their wines?’
    • ‘Greek winemakers are making a determined effort with their native white wine grapes.’