Meaning of wineskin in English:



  • An animal skin sewn up and used to hold wine.

    • ‘Stephen Cimbala may appear to be putting new wine in old wineskins, but the old skins still work fine.’
    • ‘Wine that is to be sent to the palace should be put into proper wooden barrels instead of leather wineskins.’
    • ‘By speaking of the new wine and new wineskins, Jesus was pointing to the newness of the divine life that he had come to give his people.’
    • ‘In his parable of the new wine and new wineskins, Jesus told the people, ‘I am the new wine for which you are all thirsting.’’
    • ‘Jesus' brilliant illustration of using new, unshrunk cloth to patch an old cloak and pouring new, fermenting wine in old wineskins illustrates the point well.’
    • ‘He took a swig of wine, set the wineskin aside and made to slide down under the cloak to sleep, but Kieran caught his arm.’
    • ‘They are the ancient Greeks, arguably the most alcohol-savvy society to ever drain a wineskin.’
    • ‘In the camp, beside the glowing remains of three watchfires, paired sentries sat on heaps of skins, talking in low tones and passing wineskins from hand to hand.’
    • ‘When Jesus said that new wine (the Holy Spirit) cannot be put into old wineskins, He was not referring just to the Jewish religion, or the Law.’
    • ‘They drank of the wineskins and staggered down the main street of the town weaving toward the disciplined line of approaching soldiers.’
    • ‘The statue represented a nude male figure wearing traveling boots and carrying a wineskin on his left shoulder, his right shoulder and hand raised above his head.’
    • ‘Damerek shrugged and took the wineskin from Scorch.’
    • ‘Dinael rolled out the bedroll off to the side, gesturing for Amerial to take a seat, as he dug through his packs once more to pull out some food and a wineskin filled with water.’
    • ‘He brings back a huge wineskin and a huge meat pie.’
    • ‘Takmet sighed, passing the wineskin to the girls first.’
    • ‘A brown pouch hung from her belt, along with an empty wineskin.’
    • ‘She grabbed the wineskin and filled his goblet up completely.’
    • ‘Coiling his right arm around some rigging, he carefully pulls a wineskin from his belt and opens the stopper with his teeth.’
    • ‘Sekher stared at the wineskin but made no move to take it.’
    • ‘Beside the armor, half hidden in the shadows, lie a wineskin, a lyre, books, and a mask.’