Meaning of wing case in English:

wing case


  • Each of a pair of modified toughened forewings which cover the functional wings in certain insects, especially an elytron of a beetle.

    • ‘I can add one piece of information to the whole Japanese bean beetle lore: goldfish will eat all of a Japanese bean beetle, even the spotted wing case, but they don't eat the wings.’
    • ‘Examples of such structure-generated colors can be seen in shimmering metallic butterfly and moth scales, beetle wing cases, and the feathers of hummingbirds, peacocks and birds of paradise.’
    • ‘He then decorates his bower with colourful objects, from flowers and pebbles to berries, shells, and beetle wing cases.’
    • ‘They may sieve tons of earth looking for beetle wing cases or seeds.’
    • ‘Beetles, on the other hand, keep their hind wings well hidden under hard protective wing cases to protect them as they forage for food.’