Meaning of wing chun in English:

wing chun


mass noun
  • A simplified form of kung fu used as a system of self-defence.

    • ‘He also runs regularly and has taken up two different martial arts - karate and wing chun, a form of tai chi.’
    • ‘When 46-year-old Neil Mose's father died, Mose took up the martial art wing chun.’
    • ‘Like a martial artist might get a solid grounding in wing chun and then cross train in western boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to fill in some gaps.’
    • ‘Having got up at 6 am, we set out to learn moves from two different forms of kung fu - wing chun and hong gar, both of which originate from Shaolin.’
    • ‘The form's called wing chun; it's exactly what Bruce Lee learned in the old days.’


Chinese, apparently from Yim Wing Chun (fl mid 18th century) by whom the system was developed.


wing chun

/wɪŋ ˈtʃʊn/