Meaning of wing covert in English:

wing covert


  • (in a bird's wing) each of the smaller feathers covering the bases of the flight feathers.

    • ‘To gain a general idea of overall plumage color pattern, we scanned the following color patches for each individual: crown, beard, collar, chest, belly, back, rump, primary tail feathers, wing coverts, and epaulets.’
    • ‘Both sexes have black plumage with conspicuous black curled tertials and wing coverts.’
    • ‘In males, we could also distinguish between juveniles and adults, as the greater upper wing coverts of the juveniles are gray, whereas these feathers are pure white in adults.’
    • ‘Rusty, scaly back and wing coverts, greyish cap and rump, pinkish breast and neck barring.’
    • ‘The name of these birds comes from the vivid red coloring of the wing coverts.’
    plume, quill