Meaning of wing oyster in English:

wing oyster


  • An edible marine bivalve mollusc with a fragile flattened shell, the hinge of which bears winglike projections.

    Family Pteridae: Pteria and other genera

    • ‘The superstructure is covered in wing oysters.’
    • ‘The Mabe oyster is a penguin wing oyster that produces blister pearls with better luster, iridescence, and color than other species.’
    • ‘Fringing the rocks are sea whips with wing oysters clinging to them.’
    • ‘A few of those even more valued by collectors - Eastern murex, lightning whelks, Atlantic wing oysters, Scotch bonnets - usually wash up after storms.’
    • ‘A few samples of invertebrate species, such as angel wing oysters, contained contaminant levels well above safe and acceptable limits; this was attributed to direct grazing on surfaces that contain potential contaminants.’