Meaning of wing sail in English:

wing sail


  • A rigid or semi-rigid structure similar to an aircraft wing fixed vertically on a boat to provide thrust from the action of the wind.

    ‘The biggest problem is how to design a rigid wing sail with minimal weight and complexity penalties.’
    • ‘Alex, I agree that in lighter winds a rigid wing sail will not outperform a conventional sail.’
    • ‘The aerofoil wing sails may be symmetrical with a fixed camber, or may be asymmetrical with an adjustable camber.’
    • ‘The solid wing sail, like the rest of the boat, is not something you just throw together.’
    • ‘Windrocket is predicted to sail at two and a half times the wind speed due to its solid wing sail.’
    • ‘Another feature built into the unique wing sail is that an air bag is fitted within the top section, which eliminates the risk of turning turtle.’
    • ‘The page explains why wing sails have a better lift-to-drag ratio than traditional sails and illustrates airflow, foils, the venturi effect, and more.’
    • ‘When in neutral position, a wing sail will align with the wind, like a flag.’
    • ‘Rigid wing sails covered with solar panels convert wind energy to propulsive energy.’
    • ‘The more stable the shape of the sail, as for example in the case of rigid wing sails, the more pronounced will be these surges and lulls in power production by the sail.’