Meaning of Wingco in English:



military slang British
short for wing commander
  • ‘‘There you are Bigglesworth,’ said the Wingco with just a trace of annoyance.’
  • ‘The Battle of Longewala and our victory would not have been possible but for the leadership of Wingco Bawa.’
  • ‘And the gentleman holding it is Peter ‘The Wingco’ Henley, now retired after a distinguished career in the RAF and as a test pilot for British Aerospace.’
  • ‘Having known about the search for Wingco Warburton's crash site since Nov.2001, I found myself having to make arrangements for the wreckage to be transported back to UK.’
  • ‘In common with several other Wing Leader's logs I have researched I have come to the conclusion that Wingcos were not too fussy about such mundane detail… Also I have checked ‘Lefty’ Whitman's log against the ORB and he frequently flew JF-T.’