Meaning of winged bean in English:

winged bean


  • A tropical Asian pea plant which has four-sided pods with longitudinal flanges. The entire pod and the roots are edible.

    Psophocarpus tetragonolobus, family Leguminosae

    • ‘Better known for its seed pods, green and dried seeds, and edible flowers, the winged bean also has an edible, nitrogen-fixing tuber which can be prepared like a potato.’
    • ‘Although the plants are not only unrelated but quite different, the winged pea has often been confused with the winged bean, no doubt partly because the English common names are confusing.’
    • ‘On our way we feasted on spicy peanut sauce with crispy rice chips; deep-fried king prawn rolls; herbed green bean salad with winged beans; and nam prik.’
    • ‘The dried seeds of winged beans are about 35% protein, which is higher than that of soybeans.’
    • ‘No new technology is needed to process the winged bean seed since it is suited to the processing techniques already developed for the soybean.’