Meaning of winged words in English:

winged words

plural noun

  • Highly apposite or significant words.

    ‘those winged words like arrows sped’
    • ‘This just makes me want to crash course my way to the band's stage of one of these things and rain fiery, winged words about how loving another and staying in comforting little packages and communities are practically mutually exclusive.’
    • ‘We hope to play out his vision further by sending such winged words around the world via the World Wide Web.’
    • ‘And Pallas Athene laughed, and spake to him winged words exultingly: ‘Fool, not even yet hast thou learnt how far better than thou I claim to be, that thus thou matchest thy might with mine.’’


Early 17th century translation of the Greek phrase epea pteroenta, frequently used by Homer.