Meaning of wingless in English:



See wing

  • ‘They must cover 12 miles a day, and they will see no living creature: Antarctica sustains no terrestrial life, unless you count a wingless midge reputed to hover in tiny rock cracks.’
  • ‘Head lice are small wingless flat insects which move from one person to another by direct head-to-head contact and live off human blood in the scalp.’
  • ‘Lice are wingless and they cannot jump, unlike fleas, but instead they spread through physical contact.’
  • ‘The first tetrapods, or land-living vertebrates, appeared during the Devonian, as did the first terrestrial arthropods, including wingless insects and the earliest arachnids.’
  • ‘It should be noted that the life history of this genus is somewhat extreme; females are wingless and remain on their cocoons during their short adult lives and all eggs are typically deposited on the cocoon.’