Meaning of winglet in English:



  • 1A little wing.

    ‘On with the meat: a grilled quarter chicken is as big as a clock radio and dirt cheap at $7.50, but the breast is unforgivably dry, the skin burnt and the winglet crusty.’
  • 2A vertical projection on the tip of an aircraft wing for reducing drag.

    • ‘Goldsmith said the company has considered winglets, but he noted that on the Hawker 700 the aileron extends all the way to the wingtip, and a rams-horn extension forward from the aileron makes mounting a winglet a technical challenge.’
    • ‘The DA20's waspish empennage and T-tail were still there, as was the short chord, long-span, high-aspect ratio wing with upturned winglets.’
    • ‘Gulfstream said it would achieve the additional 500 nm to 600 nm by increasing the wingspan of the GIV-SP and incorporating the winglets that were then being designed for the GV.’
    • ‘Finally, unfold the wings and winglets to create the right aerodynamic shape.’
    • ‘Mr Draper also outlined another component of the Boeing deal winglet modifications.’