Meaning of winglike in English:



See wing

  • ‘The sleeves, supported by a stainless steel structure, form wing-like shoulders, making the model appear like an angelic carnival dancer who stumbled into a giant vat of shocking pink paint.’
  • ‘Two long, wing-like sections meet at a central pillar, which stands on a broad triangular base inscribed with letters that describe the award.’
  • ‘Seed is cheap, so insert some round the edge of a largeish pot of good compost, sit back, and watch the wing-like shoots emerge.’
  • ‘Did you attach that huge wing-like spoiler to the back of the car?’
  • ‘Though only birds, insects, and bats can truly fly, many animals, such as flying squirrels and flying lizards, have evolved wing-like flaps of skin for floating - at least briefly - on air.’