Meaning of wingsuit in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwɪŋsuːt/


  • A one-piece garment that enables a person to glide through the air when in free fall, having sections of fabric between the arms and legs that inflate when the wearer jumps from an aircraft or a high place.

    ‘he jumped out of a helicopter wearing nothing but a wingsuit and landed safely’
    • ‘daredevil wingsuit flyers’
    • ‘Some experienced foreign jumpers displayed hand-in-hand group jumping, wingsuit jumping and somersaults during free fall; all the risky stunts thrilled the audience.’
    • ‘Now, this sport is officially called Wingsuit proximity flying.’
    • ‘Base jumping involves the sequenced use of a wingsuit and parachute to jump from fixed objects.’
    • ‘Therefore flying with a SKYRAY is totally different than Wingsuit flying.’
    • ‘Swiss adventurer Yves Rossy completes two aerial loops using just his custom-made jet-propelled wingsuit.’
    • ‘One hundred wingsuit skydivers fall to earth in a diamond formation during a world record attempt above Perris Valley in Southern California.’
    • ‘Later that afternoon, Harrington jumped again to celebrate the new record with four other wingsuit fliers.’
    • ‘And though he said he will not give up wingsuit diving, Donohue said the accident made him briefly reconsider his future in the sport.’
    • ‘Then he fired up the jets on his new, smaller and sleeker wingsuit to perform the loopings before landing safely with a parachute.’
    • ‘It takes 200 skydives before you can even try flying a wingsuit, but the record-breaking international team each had at least double that number.’
    • ‘The wingsuit can triple the length of a normal skydiving freefall from 60 seconds to over three minutes.’