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Pronunciation /ˈwɪnə/

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  • 1A person or thing that wins something.

    ‘a Nobel Prize winner’
    • ‘The four medal winners will qualify along with the winner and runner-up from a further two events.’
    • ‘He rode many winners as an amateur jockey, trained some and owned a few.’
    • ‘The last three times they have met in the Champions League, the winners have gone on to lift the trophy.’
    • ‘With the new points system, which has reduced the number of points for winners and runners-up, it pays to be consistent.’
    • ‘The Pup of the Year title is fiercely contested, with previous winners having gone on to win Supreme Champion at Crufts.’
    • ‘In the attempt to end up as winners, footballers will resort to a number of unsportsmanlike practices during matches.’
    • ‘The winners qualify for the knockout before two teams make it to the finals.’
    • ‘However, the odds are also lengthening to a one in 28,000 chance of any prize as the numbers of winners next month reduces.’
    • ‘Naturally, in any election contest, there are winners and there are losers.’
    • ‘Plaques will also be presented to the winners and runners-up in each section.’
    • ‘The tournament will employ the same format as last year with two pools of three nations, the winners of which qualify for the final.’
    • ‘I am sure my feelings are echoed by many other winners and runners-up.’
    • ‘I'll also be running a silly contest - winners will win signed copies of both my books.’
    • ‘The highest number of winners to scoop the Lotto jackpot from one draw was 133.’
    • ‘Tickets are only guaranteed to the winners and runners-up in all categories.’
    • ‘There were a number of award winners and we will have details of these next week.’
    • ‘The winners of the rural contest will be announced at Bisterne fun day on Sunday.’
    • ‘After an hour and a quarter, the winner of Saturday's London Marathon had run about 15 miles.’
    • ‘The winner of the contest will receive a free dinner for four at the museum.’
    • ‘Defoe is a match winner and is on fire following his first international goal for England.’
    victor, champion, conqueror, vanquisher, defeater, conquering hero, hero
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    1. 1.1A goal or shot that wins a match or point.
      ‘he equalized and hit a last-minute winner’
      • ‘One such shot was a backhand winner hit while chasing back a good forehand from Ferreira.’
      • ‘Calvin Rowe scored a brace and Christopher Wilkinson hit the last-minute winner.’
      • ‘Although Jairzinho got their winner, we matched them for most of the game and I thought we were unlucky to lose.’
      • ‘Ossett with a numerical advantage went on to net the winner in the last minute.’
      • ‘Ten minutes later and star performer Scott Sellars scored the winner with a goal worthy of claiming a title.’
      • ‘With all the South Bank players on the goal line, the kick was played to Moore who smashed in a deserved winner.’
      • ‘With five minutes left, Hampton's youngsters could have fashioned a shock winner.’
    2. 1.2Bridge A card that can be relied on to win a trick.
      ‘dummy has the spade ace and two diamond winners at the finish’
      • ‘The play is in tricks of four cards, with the winner of each trick leading to the next.’
      • ‘If the very last trick has no winner its cards go to the winner of the previous trick.’
      • ‘From the nine cards now in hand, one is discarded as before and play continues with the last trick winner leading.’
      • ‘The highest card of the suit led wins the trick, and the winner leads to the next trick.’
    3. 1.3informal A thing that is a success or is likely to be successful.
      • ‘anyone taking out a fixed-rate mortgage could be on to a winner’
      • ‘With a better-scripted backbone, this endearing bunch will be on to a winner.’
      • ‘However, we are assured by the Town Hall that at last we're on to a winner.’
      • ‘For raw human emotion and unpredictable fury, he would be on to a winner.’
      • ‘After scratching off the sealed panel Dennis knew he was on to a winner and rushed off home to tell Brenda the good news.’
      • ‘Combine this with the well-documented benefits to health and you are on to a winner.’
      • ‘Glasgow must have thought they were on to a winner with only seven minutes gone.’
      • ‘Dave can see he's on to a winner, so reels off a string of one-liners without a break.’
      • ‘As soon as we walked into The Angler Inn we knew we were on to a winner.’
      • ‘The home side looked likely winners from an early staged and coasted home to a comfortable victory.’
      • ‘He thought that he was on to a winner, so he moved on to law and order next.’
      • ‘Combine this with a decent dividend yield and you should be on to a winner.’
      • ‘Make people believe things can happen on a local, real level and you're on to a winner.’
      • ‘We knew that if we could keep up with her for the next few weeks, we were on to a winner.’
      • ‘Dance students are the biggest winners of this successful new co-op venture.’
      • ‘Among the big corporates, the likely winners are already identifiable as transport and tourism.’
      • ‘If health or education is based on the market there will inevitably be success and failure, winners and losers, and boom and bust.’
      • ‘You are more likely to pick a winner if you buy shares in a company whose business you are familiar with.’
      • ‘The fact that Tony manages to stand out from a group such as this only highlights what a born winner he is.’
      • ‘But the history of picking winners is not one of unadulterated success.’
      • ‘The Carrutherstown handler is churning out winners at an extraordinary rate and looks likely to add to his score tomorrow.’
      success, box-office success, sell-out, winner, triumph, sensation
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