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Pronunciation /ˈwɪnɪŋ/

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  • 1Gaining, resulting in, or relating to victory in a contest or competition.

    ‘a winning streak’
    • ‘Benfleet kept on the winning trail with victory over lowly Epping at Woodside Park by six wickets.’
    • ‘He has since embarked on a winning streak courtesy of his grit, tenacity and persistent style.’
    • ‘You obviously know the rules so let's see if your lucky break becomes a winning streak.’
    • ‘At tournaments he will always bring a competitive edge, that winning mentality.’
    • ‘Winners breed a winning mentality and their success can encourage others to take up the sport.’
    • ‘The winning entries of a local photography competition will be displayed in the town library for a week.’
    • ‘A national childcare competition has picked a Southend carer as its winning entrant.’
    • ‘Council chiefs also hope they will give Bury a winning chance in a national floral competition.’
    • ‘We at the Fool are also great believers of learning how successful investors pick winning shares.’
    • ‘The Swede produces two successive winning returns to win the game and level the set.’
    • ‘The crowd cheered loudly as the host of the contest walked on stage with the name of the winning band in his hand.’
    • ‘Paul Hanagan got his Derby day off to a winning start as he rode Vintage Premium to victory.’
    • ‘Horwich stormed on at the top of the table with a winning double to make it four victories out of four.’
    • ‘All contestants were treated to a lunch in which the winning recipe was used as part of the menu.’
    • ‘Without a winning instinct how on earth is any competitor going to succeed in their chosen sport?’
    • ‘Wilson hopes the Gunners will copy his winning ways and have another successful season.’
    • ‘Forty years on, our successors have no doubt that they are on history's winning side.’
    • ‘The winning bidder had no more success managing the company than the old management.’
    • ‘Part of the prize is a residency at the theatre, as well as the West-end production of the winning play.’
    • ‘At each of these events, they would like to share a little about the filmmakers behind the winning films.’
    victorious, successful, triumphant, vanquishing, conquering
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  • 2Attractive; endearing.

    ‘a winning smile’
    • ‘With her winning smile and bright blue eyes, Kate Walsh was a young girl with everything going for her.’
    • ‘The wicked mix of an acerbic tongue and a winning smile means holding grudges is nigh impossible.’
    • ‘I look round, expecting to see some six foot Adonis with a winning smile and an easy charm.’
    • ‘Inter lacks a coach with a winning mentality, who knows how to develop attractive football.’
    • ‘His firm handshake, welcoming smile and boyish charm were a winning combination.’
    engaging, charming, appealing, endearing, sweet, cute, winsome, attractive, pretty, prepossessing, fetching, lovely, adorable, lovable, delightful, disarming, captivating, enchanting, beguiling, persuasive, irresistible
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  • Money won, especially by gambling.

    ‘he went to collect his winnings’
    • ‘The most immediate way is purchasing the car outright using the prize money from your winnings.’
    • ‘Martin told the FBI the money came from gambling winnings and was lent to the players.’
    • ‘As an amateur, she was ineligible for prize money, and her winnings were donated to the Special Olympics.’
    • ‘This tax relief is restricted to income from wages and winnings and is back-dated to April 1990.’
    • ‘The table had a 5 minimum bet, which was a bit alarming, but I decided to play until I'd spent 40 and not gamble any winnings.’
    • ‘The two flew from Farranfore to Dublin to collect their winnings from National Lottery Headquarters.’
    • ‘I wrote back saying that they could take the money from my winnings and send me the rest - and of course never heard any more!’
    • ‘Simply saying it's time he moved up to the heavyweight ranks for some serious money winnings.’
    • ‘Punters receive a call or email congratulating them on winning a big prize - but have to pay a fee or taxes before they can collect their winnings.’
    • ‘But she just needed to pay a £749 authorisation fee to begin collecting her winnings.’
    • ‘To collect her winnings, Mutola must compete in the World Athletics Final in Monaco from 13 to 14 September.’
    • ‘He does acknowledge that he was able to acquire his rental property with $30,000 from his winnings as a down payment.’
    • ‘Part of it comes from unclaimed Premium Bond winnings but there are many savings accounts that are lying dormant too.’
    • ‘Traditional bookmakers now pay tax on gross profits rather than punters paying tax on their winnings.’
    • ‘The holder of the €1 million lotto jackpot ticket sold in Sligo has not yet come forward to collect the winnings.’
    • ‘Designing multi-million pound courses can be a lucrative business - even more profitable than the winnings of many top pros.’
    • ‘He looked a bit shocked when I turned up to collect my winnings wearing a pink top and a skirt, something he got used to a few years later when I started to work for him.’
    • ‘She texted me back and asked me to collect the winnings.’
    • ‘Fake tax certificates are also sent out, persuading many people to pay thousands of euros for what they believe is a genuine tax on their winnings.’
    • ‘I collected my winnings and bought us all chips as we took a table by the big plastic windows inside and picked which dogs we'd back for the rest of the evening.’
    prize money, money won, gains
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