Meaning of winsomely in English:



See winsome

  • ‘Nightly she was called back for an encore, winsomely protesting that since she hadn't expected such an ecstatic reception she had nothing prepared and called instead for questions from the audience.’
  • ‘He'll flash his diamond ring at me and grin winsomely, call me ‘Guv'nor’ and set a price which will be high but just within the range he can read next to the word MUG on my forehead,.’
  • ‘She slid under and looked at him winsomely, up through the water, lips pursed and cheeks blown full.’
  • ‘The problem with Ross going on about it winsomely is that he makes ridiculous the thing he loves.’
  • ‘‘Good day,’ she said, smiling winsomely.’
  • ‘‘Because he will give me alms,’ the boy said winsomely.’
  • ‘This is among a host of questions concisely and winsomely addressed by the Bishop of Fargo, North Dakota, in a pastoral letter, ‘You Will Know the Truth and the Truth Will Set You Free.’’
  • ‘Respect for writers joins with the desire to help authors find an audience and present what they have to say as clearly, effectively, and winsomely as possible.’
  • ‘The book describes the winsomely untraditional family surrounding Fern, a college student who takes charge of a friend's newborn son.’
  • ‘Jen smiled winsomely, ‘But Kate and I were going out together tonight!’’
  • ‘This book is remarkable in that it profoundly challenges church life and personal life so gently and winsomely that the reader is not put off or discouraged by unreachably high ideals.’
  • ‘She gracefully, winsomely smiled then said: ‘Care to dance with me, famous explorer?’’
  • ‘Their gaily colored flowers resembling miniature ballet dancers in multi-colored tutus will sway and nod winsomely toward you.’
  • ‘I crossed my fingers as I subtly shoved the iPod behind me and smiled winsomely at him.’