Meaning of winter count in English:

winter count


  • A pictorial record or chronicle of the events of each year, kept by various North American Indian peoples.

    • ‘In all, the epidemic appears in at least thirteen different winter counts kept by plains Indians in the years 1779-83.’
    • ‘The timing of population increases documented by early winter counts in Maine closely paralleled those of breeding populations along the St. Lawrence River in Quebec and eastward to the Maritimes.’
    • ‘Amos Bad Heart Bull the Elder, was the tribe historian charged with creating the ‘winter count,’ a pictographic representation of the major events in the tribe's history.’
    • ‘Jackson tries to locate ‘the Indian voice’ and illuminate the ‘darkness of the past,’ considering winter counts and painted buffalo robes in addition to the accounts of trappers and missionaries.’
    • ‘Landscapes of ancient sites, natural features, and human memories are treated as historical texts, the winter count used by Plains peoples inspiring the book's title.’