Meaning of Winter Games in English:

Winter Games

plural noun

usually the Winter Games
  • another term for Winter Olympics

    ‘the bid by her home city to host the Winter Games’
    another term for Winter Olympics
    • ‘He presumably will be too old to play for Canada when the 2006 Winter Games come around.’
    • ‘He said last week that Vancouver's victory in the 2010 Winter Games campaign did not automatically preclude New York from staging the 2012 Summer Games.’
    • ‘All of the action in the Alps is drawing to a close as the Winter Games are coming to an end.’
    • ‘The resort would be able to host all of the Olympic alpine skiing competitions on one slope, something never seen before at the Winter Games.’
    • ‘The ski resort hosting glamorous Alpine events at the Winter Games may be headed for the auction block.’
    • ‘He won silver at the winter games in '94 and '98.’
    • ‘Those who favour hosting the Winter Games say the Olympics will create 244,000 new jobs, generate up to $1 billion in tax revenues, and produce a $4 billion increase in the gross domestic product.’
    • ‘He has staked a great deal of personal prestige on the Winter Games.’
    • ‘Various venues were stationed throughout the Winter Games to educate the games participants about healthy lifestyles and wellness initiatives.’
    • ‘Security continued to top the list of concerns with the Winter Games set to open in less than two months.’