Meaning of winterberry in English:



  • A North American holly with toothed, non-prickly leaves and berries which persist through the winter.

    Genus Ilex, family Aquifoliaceae: several species, in particular I. verticillata

    • ‘While its needles are still alive and fresh, we decorate the tree with colorful glass globes, tinsel, red winterberries from a deciduous holly, spruce and fir cones, and cotton to simulate snow.’
    • ‘Plant lower-growing, berry-laden shrubs, such as winterberry and chokeberry, as a bridge from the trees to ground covers.’
    • ‘Holly, winterberry, cotoneaster and many other food-bearers yield nutritious fare that's more appealing to a wider variety of birds than commercial food.’
    • ‘Placing cut greens such as magnolia, pine, or holly, along with berry-laden branches of winterberry or bittersweet vine can produce beautiful winter holiday boxes.’
    • ‘Examples of compact plants are ‘Goldflame’ spirea, dwarf Serbian spruce, and ‘Red Sprite’ winterberry.’