Meaning of winterer in English:



See winter

‘Two Annas arrived, at the same River Ridge home, after many of the winterers had already departed.’
  • ‘We had more problems in the first two hours of the winter than the previous winterers had all year.’
  • ‘Also, the Shackleton has been here and left this morning with the last of last year's winterers on it.’
  • ‘Canoes used by the winterers on narrow, rapid waters were about 25 feet long and carried four to six voyagers.’
  • ‘It was very exciting not to be on base but at the same time I was so used to being around a small bunch of winterers that not being with them was very odd.’
  • ‘The winterers paddled from the interior to Grand Portage for the rendezvous and back.’
  • ‘The outgoing winterers are leaving their home for the last year and for them it can be very emotional even though most are very anxious to get home.’