Meaning of winterization in English:


(British winterisation)


North American

See winterize

  • ‘With that realization, the push for facility winterization and year-round programming began.’
  • ‘This is for winterization of your pond and works in water temperature under 55°F. It will help to decompose the leaves, scum, sediment, and other organic matter during fall and winter.’
  • ‘Trying to get reliable information on winterization and sparring with marinas about what services I had to purchase and what I could do myself was more hassle than it was worth.’
  • ‘Fall grazing can be managed to meet alfalfa's winterization needs.’
  • ‘High on the list on this farm is the winterization of the machinery and equipment.’
  • ‘This most often happens at the end of the season when a backlog of winterization jobs occur in combination with dropping temperatures.’