Meaning of winterize in English:


(British winterise)


[with object]North American
  • Adapt or prepare (something, especially a house) for use in cold weather.

    ‘the house was winterized to extend the period of time it could be let’
    • ‘With cold weather approaching, it's time to winterize your home.’
    • ‘Colyer's house was winterized, making it possible for Kensett to paint there throughout the year.’
    • ‘I'll be traveling during the winter months and want to winterize my home.’
    • ‘The majority of winter damages happen when boaters don't expect inclement weather and don't bother winterizing their boats.’
    • ‘In cold climates, you'll have to winterize them with antifreeze to protect the pump.’
    • ‘Is it too late to put winterizing fertilizer on my lawn?’
    • ‘A better means of winterizing your pool is to lower the water level just below the filter returns so that those pipes can drain or be drained.’
    • ‘Programs can be offered spring, summer, and fall if a camp does not have winterized facilities.’
    • ‘Ice smothering, exposure during cold periods, diseases like anthracnose, and cultural practices like harvest during winterizing all seem to have been contributing factors.’
    • ‘She insisted on winterizing it with plaster, making sure that the work would be completed before another sister came to visit in the winter on her wedding tour; it would not do for the house to remain so unfinished.’
    • ‘Once the work of winterizing your garden's behind you, it's time to curl up on the sofa in front of the fire with a lovely stack of gardening books beside you.’
    • ‘This is, by no means, a comprehensive guide to winterizing your boat.’
    • ‘Homeowners can increase their chances of a great looking lawn next spring by winterizing their lawn this fall.’
    • ‘So think about winterizing them before you plant, particularly if you leave them outdoors all winter.’
    • ‘I've winterized motorhomes countless times, and didn't anticipate any problems, but apparently I'd forgotten that I left everything in Arizona the last several years.’
    • ‘Besides the silence of its operation, what appealed to Houghton about his great grandfather's boat, which the family still uses on Lake George, was that it never had to be winterized.’
    • ‘It's mid-November and the fleet is winterized.’
    • ‘Stands that have been adequately winterized typically are less susceptible to winter damage and the following year's first growth will be more productive.’
    • ‘They winterized tents with anything they could find, from canvas tarps to plywood, and small coal burners kept the insides warm.’
    • ‘All of our cabins are new, less than fifteen years old, and they're fully winterized, very cozy.’