Meaning of wintersweet in English:



  • A deciduous Chinese shrub which produces heavily scented yellow flowers in winter before the leaves appear.

    Chimonanthus praecox, family Calycanthaceae

    • ‘Set as a backdrop, these colourful stems provide an excellent foil for the wintersweet.’
    • ‘There were camellias flowering, witch hazel and wintersweet, and rows of paperwhites beside the driveway.’
    • ‘We all say that the witch hazel is under-utilized, but the wintersweet is nowhere to be found.’
    • ‘I commented on the wintersweet to Mrs. Puckett and, as I might have expected, found some history attached.’
    • ‘During the bleak months of winter wintersweet offers just what its name suggests: sweet, delicate colour amongst a barren winter garden.’
    • ‘The Meiguan Pass, known for plum-blossoms, is an ideal niche for appreciating wintersweets.’
    • ‘It is named after several square kilometers of wintersweets.’
    • ‘The conifer collection is delightful mosaic of blues, grays, and greens, and the fragrance of wintersweet cannot be missed.’