Meaning of WINZ in English:



mass nounNew Zealand
  • short for Work and Income

    ‘WINZ was given responsibility for administering student allowance payments’
    short for Work and Income
    • ‘For the first six months of their employment, 50 per cent of their wages are subsidised by WINZ.’
    • ‘I have seen very few cases of starvation hanging around WINZ or the courts, of late.’
    • ‘WINZ also urges the government to use unemployment benefit money to pay private agencies to find jobs for the unemployed.’
    • ‘Many WINZ clients are sent to our clinic for sickness benefit forms to be completed.’
    • ‘My WINZ adviser also provided a helpful suggestion: take out the eyebrow piercing.’
    • ‘This is symptomatic of a sick culture within WINZ.’
    • ‘I think that should be a mandatory function of WINZ in general.’
    • ‘A quick visit to the WINZ site will show that some of the policy suggested is in fact already established.’
    • ‘WINZ's job is to make sure that everyone gets the assistance they are entitled to.’
    • ‘Most are unhappy with life rather than having true depression, and yet WINZ pushes them all on to a sickness benefit.’