Meaning of winze in English:



  • A shaft or inclined passage leading from one level to another, but not rising to the surface.

    ‘a winze 50 feet deep’
    • ‘A 60-foot winze connected the two working levels.’
    • ‘He was not prepared to get his feet wet and didn't like the dark, so he told us to sort it out and dump it down a flooded winze.’
    • ‘The company has decided to replace the old shaft and winze with a new 7,500-foot single lift.’
    • ‘He would not climb down the winze from Cross Roads Adit but climbed up the same winze when coming from Taylor's Shaft.’
    • ‘At 20 fathoms the winze came out into the side of a large stope which was curved so that despite being on the footwall there was a grave danger of sliding over the edge.’
    • ‘Another winze disclosed pockets of gold mineralization, but no mining was done in the area because of fractured and altered ground and an influx of water.’
    mineshaft, tunnel, passage, pit, adit, downcast, upcast


Mid 18th century perhaps from wind.